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Nature & Anatomy

Written and Illustrated by @Origami-Orange & @RH3XY

Their physique can vary between Voma body types, including height, body mass and shape - there is no perfect or one true shape.



Their physique can vary between Voma body types, including height, body mass and shape - there is no perfect or one true shape. Their physique can depend on their profession as well as their hobbies. But the Voma are not deluded on how they should or shouldn’t look - evolving past their physical appearances and finding friendship, love and attraction in all and any.

No matter the species, all Voma have vibrant coloured, slightly transparent membrane somewhere on their bodies, most commonly their heads.

Voma also only have three fingers and a thumb and their lower halves resemble that of a serpent. Certain Voma can also have a hooded head.

Sleeping Habits


Voma generally sleep coiled up, this goes for partners who sleep together, they coil each other's bodies before sleeping in a pile together.

However, some Voma like the Sahira, who have spikes/spines/thorns that run down their bodies tend to sleep in a careful 'figure 8' to avoid penetrating their own bodies.

Voma's Tongue


The Voma’s tongue can taste emotions, when it slithers out of its mouth to taste the air or a person, they can read the emotions of the targeted person or group of people if nearby. This is how the Voma connect with their loved ones, by sharing tongues they’re able to read their partner’s needs.

Mating & Breeding


When Voma find a mate, they let off a pheromone tailored to them that relaxes and eases their partner both physically and mentally; this is called ‘Tranquil’, the tranquil is often used on their partner/s, by coiling their bodies around each other and entwining their tongues, allowing them to taste their partner’s needs and desires.

Due to their luxurious way of life, they are prone to taking multiple lovers/partners, this isn’t looked down upon amongst their kind, and doesn’t necessarily have to be with only Voma.

Whilst other races have certain ceremonies to bind and prove their love, the Voma don’t celebrate to such measures, they believe they have no need to prove their affection towards one another, only to enjoy the fulfillment of their partners company.

Voma can be impregnated and lay eggs 7 months later, their egg size is larger than that of Rawkken eggs.

All Voma can be impregnated, the chest of Voma can differ between pecs and breasts, and do not produce milk.



All Voma are hermaphrodites, their sheath acts as female genitalia, but can invert into male genitalia when desired and vice versa.

Both variations of genitalia keep the bundle of sensitive nerves at the top of their sheath. The protruding genitalia has gill-like slits either side at the base that stroke and tickle the sensitive areas inside the sheath of another. 



Every Voma also has the ability of Hypnosis, their eyes glow with multicoloured rings and can hypnotise their target to do as they wish for short periods of time.


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