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Known for their proud demeanour and strong physique Dralic are creatures of elemental energy. They believe solely in the combination of the mind, body and spirit - entwining with the energies that embody the natural elements of their world.


Mo'anha Islands

  • Wai islands are thin and small; surrounded by deeper waters making Ka’Wai a small quint clan - large sea creatures tread the deep shores of white sandy beaches and sudden coral drops.

  • Ola islands consist of rich soil that grows the rarest and potent plant-life out of all the Mo’anha islands. Their lands are small and separated by the Ahi territory but are vast with vegetation and large trees that make up their expansive rainforests - inhabited by plenty of creatures to hunt as food, or train as familiars.

  • Ahi islands are rich in exotic metals and intensely hot - dotted with active volcanoes that never sleep, the villages are constructed on the smaller islands with a stretch of water protecting them from overflowing lava.

  • Hona islands are larger than any other clan island of Mo’anha. Thick clay and stone make up their island and help support the network of tunnels created to connect the Mo’anha islands.

  • Aloha islands are a sacred and old land used for certain sacred occasions. Ruins lay scattered across the island, where the Dralic believe the ancients once reigned from - The Void Spire.


The Dralic that dominate The Mo’anha islands consist of vastly different environments; each of them unique to their clans. No one knows how their appearances became so different, evolved to survive on the islands they’re born into.

But they hold what little of their heritage they know dearly, the legend of their once powerful and divine predecessors - drive them to strive for a challenging and bounty-full life.



The Dralic of The Wai Islands, are referred to as the Ka’Wai - known for keeping to old traditions; living by the way of the ancients and finding peace in a simple life. 



The Dralic of The Ola Islands, are referred to as the Olha - known for the love of their islands and the rich soil that grows the rarest and potent plant-life out of all the Mo’anha islands. 



The Dralic of The Ahi Islands, are referred to as the Aciha - known for harvesting the rich metals buried within their lands; creating metallic contraptions that run on steam and heat.



The Dralic of The Hona Islands, are referred to as the Honua - known for their large clans and tall buildings - their lands are larger than any other clan island of Mo’anha. 



A Dark and mysterious race known as the Hewa, but are commonly called Void Walkers by those that fear them - they dwell on the Aloha islands, rebelling against Dralics sacred culture and traditions. 



An Amura is a species of Hermaphrodite Dralic that are born with certain rare biological qualities. Only one in fifty Amura are born - and not until they reach a certain age, do the Amura qualities start to appear. 

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