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A mystical race of canines that have a dark history and an ancient curse. Their bodies are embedded with ice-like shards of crystal, known as Crysallis; granting them certain abilities - such as controlling and manipulating the snow, ice and wind.


Drista is a large city built at the southern end of the Dragon Teeth Pass, the majority of its population is Valkte, and the origin of their society. Its buildings consist of ice, Crysallis and hardened snow, surrounded by a high wall protecting the many districts the city is made up of.


City of Drista

  • A district consisting of a medical centre for the sick and injured. Alchemists that concoct lotions and potions for healing and curing.

  • This district consists of large grounds for training their soldiers and housing if required.


  • A district where all goods are traded and prepared for dispatch.

  • Food markets, taverns and inns make up the majority of this district - if you’re a wandering traveler, this is where you’d be housed.

  • Here the forgers create and build weapons, armour, jewellery and other necessary objects from metals and Crysallis.

  • The civilians of Distra are housed here, families, couples, and single Valkte etc. get warm accommodation here in hardened snow huts, houses, and buildings.

  • The Farming district is made up of large sections of land, sheltered in a dome of Crysallis where vegetation and herbs are grown in a carefully controlled environment.

  • The faction houses are built here if you’re looking for work, bounties or just to lend a helping hand in a certain profession.

  • The Alpha district is where the Alpha Valkte resides and rule as a council of their people. A large shard of Crysallis is surrounded by a dome in the center of this district, used for the gathering of the council and its people.

The Valktes main population are well hidden in the peaks of Dragon Teeth Mountains in a city called Drista, they protect the largest gap in the ridge of sharp mountains that make up the border between realms.

Whilst their domain has become a large trading post now, it was built on hard work and unrelenting willpower to control their lust for flesh.



The Valkte are able to control and manipulate elements of snow, ice and wind because of the Crysallis, the shards in their bodies also have other helpful qualities. Such as, in the dark, their horns and shards on their shoulders can light up at will to illuminate their way.

On top of controlling the force of the winds, the fall of snow and the direction of ice, they can also create ice, wind and snow from the palms of their hands - conjuring it out of thin air, an ability gifted to them by the Crysallis.

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