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Written and Illustrated by @Origami-Orange & @RH3XY

The Voma’s most distinct history is their relationship with their neighbours, the Rawkken.

Having kept the Rawkken as 'The Bound' in their previous realm, the Opal Gardens, the Rawkken rebelled and forced the Voma to The Sunken Isles. The Voma still to this day continue to attack the Garden’s borders hoping to retrieve their rightful homeland. The Voma have been known to kidnap Rawkken Fauns, their obsession with the Oryalis gave them the twisted notion that ingesting Ethereal or wearing a trinket of it on their person, even having a Faun 'Bound'; will increase their connection to the Spirit World and be able to physically enter the afterlife, a gift granted to the Rawkken by Virgo in return for their suffering and prayer. As is expected, wars broke out, blood was shed - and over time the obsession became merely a fad, a luxury to the Voma.

To this day, the Voma run an Ethereal Emporium, selling Rawkken Faun 'Bound', Ethereal trinkets made from shards of their horns, or selling Ethereal powder most commonly as a drug, the list is endless.

The Kamina have an accord with the Voma that exchanges an heir for the next Matriarch of the Kamina for protection and use of the Iron Maidens. Their last Sovereign was Astra, who fell in love with the current Matriarch of the Kamina, but was slain at his throne before he could give her the next heir. However, their treaty is still active and the Kamina, whilst having not been given an heir yet, still lend their forces to aid the Voma as they see fit. Though this does not include violence against neighbouring realms or aid in war, mostly protection and escort for their current Sovereign, Dajar.

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