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Written and Illustrated by @Origami-Orange & @RH3XY

There are many kinds of Voma, each with their own unique qualities, their scale colours are known to be vibrant and beautiful, and their size towers over most of Aultora’s races even when coiled, their form is thought to be both terrifying and alluring to many.



  • Bluebells have a bell at the end of their tails that when shaken makes a soft jingling of chime bells.


  • These Voma are able to transform from their Naga form to a small regular snake. Their tails in both forms can be used to create delicate chimed melodies that calms and soothes those around them.



  • These Voma tend to have visible bone-like features over their scales, either over their faces, ends of their tails or down the length of their backs/tails.

  • Tend to be hardy, stronger them most Voma and thick skinned, making it harder to penetrate with a blade or arrow.



  • Have a membrane stretched from their backs to their upper arms.

  • They’re faster than most Voma and can launch themselves high and far with their tails, and glide with the membrane stretched from their backs to their upper arms.



  • Voma that practically live in the water, have fins and gills.

  • Can breathe underwater and swim easily with their fins.



  • Their scales usually have vibrant coloured patterns along their bodies that glow in dark environments.

  • They are the only race of Voma that have venom, able to poison with either their fangs or the tips of their tails.



  • They tend to have spikes/horns/spines that run down the length of their backs and tails.

  • Able to withstand high temperatures in all terrains and can use their spikes/horns/spines for protection when coiled.



  • Have excess fur on their bodies, usually around their neck, on their faces, hips, tip or length of tail.

  • Able to withstand freezing temperatures in any terrain.

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