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Ethereal Emporium

Written and Illustrated by @Origami-Orange & @RH3XY

Imagine a market, decadent and mysterious - if you thought the World of Aultora above was fantastical, you wouldn’t believe what you see in the Ethereal Emporium.

Filled with exotic goods you’ve never seen or heard of, creatures and critters of unknown origin, relics from a long-forgotten pasts and stolen goods from the most renowned characters of Aultora, all here and all for sale.

If you take the staircase in an abandoned ruin just on the northern outskirts of The Sunken Isles, you’ll find only darkness at first, until you start to smell spices and aromas beyond alluring, leading you through the dark tunnels and halls. Then you see dimly lit purple and pink lanterns flicker ahead and soon after, you’re welcomed by the bustling underbelly of Aultora known as the Ethereal Emporium.

Governed and founded by the Voma, the Emporium has only grown in size and expanded in variety. It’s like nothing you have ever seen or imagined in your life on Aultora’s surface.


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