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Magenta City

Written and Illustrated by @Origami-Orange & @RH3XY

The capital of the Voma’s Sunken Isles is a small but glorious city to behold, dazzled with the finery they crave, it’s lush with crystal clear waters, and a popular plant known as ‘Vita'harl’ also known as ‘Life Dew’.

A large flush purple and green plant that has many health properties, and is mainly used in healing products. The Voma believe ingesting this plant’s nectar will elongate their life span, something their kind are very interested in.

The centre of the city is home to the Sovereign, whilst the rest of the island is home to the Voma’s public, rivers and streams flow through the isles from the nearby seas which they bathe and relax in daily. When you enter the city the one thing anyone notices first, is the light glow that emanates from the central palace known as ‘The Crystal Palace’ where the Seer Stone hangs, the Voma’s pride and joy.

It’s a small city of luxury, visiting these isles of bliss is like visiting a high-end spa that you never want to leave.

Because the southern end of Aultora is the hottest, the Voma’s housing consists of open villas with only curtains for privacy. No doors or locks, but then who would try to rob a Voma?


The Sovereign

Dajar is the current Sovereign of The Sunken Isles, his abode lies in the center of Magenta City, the capital of their realm, the palace is called, ‘The Crystal Palace’. He is known for his greed and love of Rawkken Fauns, he enjoys the finer things in life, and is most commonly seen in his palace, coiled on a large silken pillow smoking his pipe of Ethereal dust.

His Faun 'Bound' is always at his side, for both political and pleasurable purposes he is never without him. Bought at the Ethereal Emporium, Dajar was mesmerized by the gold of his horns and the dark pitch of his skin, freckled with golden shimmer.

Dajar to this day has been more than eager to gift the Kamina’s Matriarch with their next heir, having found utter beauty in her golden features. But has been countlessly rejected due to her undying love for her lost partner; Astra - the previous Sovereign. Not to mention her dis-taste for his way of ruling his kind, however to avoid further wars, they have kept their treaty.

He is the Voma’s renowned Warrior, larger than most Voma; he is known as ‘The Fang’ to his enemies, his daggers cutting fast and furious in the blink of an eye, he is a feared enemy and a beloved ruler.


The Previous Sovereign

What’s known of Astra is that he was the former Sovereign of the Voma, and more renowned for his attempts to put an end to the Ethereal Emporium and the war with the Rawkken. However, before his peace summons with the Jade family of the Rawkken, he was slain in his sleep.

No one knows who, but it was widely known he had a lot of enemies due to the march to put an end to Ethereal trading and leave the Opal Gardens to the Rawkken, ending the war. There are those who suspect certain individuals, even factions that could very well have been hired to commit his murder, but without evidence, there has been no one held accountable for his death.

After Dajar took the seat as Sovereign, he reversed Astra’s initial orders re-opening the Ethereal Emporium, and continued the assault against the Rawkkens borders.

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