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Seer Stone

Written and Illustrated by @Origami-Orange & @RH3XY

The Seer Stone was gifted to the Voma by Virgo, appointing them as his disciples in doing so.

The Stone allows certain Voma who were chosen to become a Seer of their people, allowing them to hear the spirit voices of the Oryalis and guide foreseeable paths of the near future. However, due to their abandonment, the connection has faded, whilst a Voma can still become a Seer, their connection is clouded and the whispers of the Spirits are inaudible - making this ritual purely ceremonial in love of Virgo.

It is also said to be made of something far stronger than ethereal, that it is a direct connection to the centre of the Oryalis, the afterlife where Virgo dwells. Whilst the stone doesn’t allow for such a connection, there is one who tried to corrupt the stone in order to take over the centre of the afterlife and dethrone Virgo himself. But the Voma who tried was cursed, never again allowed to indulge in the finer things in life, nothing could or ever would bring him pleasure… His name was Etyx.


Virgo, once known as God to the Voma, is now God to the Rawkken having abandoned the Voma and gifted the Rawkken with Ethereal, the substance that allows Rawkken to enter the afterlife, the Oryalis, physically. However, the Voma still refer to him as their God, worshipping him with offerings at the Seer Stone in order to one day be re-appointed as his disciples and granted the Rawkkens gift to enter the Oryalis.

Whilst Virgo has supposedly never been seen, the legends tell of his lair deep within the Oryalis between the six territories where he guards and protects the afterlife.

However, whilst given the ideal that he is all caring and loving, he’s also been known as a trickster, toying with the fates of Aultora as he sees fit for his own entertainment.

The Seers

The Seers are appointed Voma who are chosen by the Seer Stone to receive a gift that allows them to hear the spirits of the afterlife. Hearing their voices allowed them a sight into possible instances of the near future - this was mainly used to see paths they should take in order to succeed in wealth, happiness and the safety of their people. However, there are many possible paths fate can take, and not all of their predictions are the ones that occured.

Since their God’s abandonment, the whispers are now faded, clouded, barely able to make out a single path that the spirits may guide them on. Their existence is mostly ceremonial, though are still worshipped for their chosen spirit.

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