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Anatomy & Nature

Written and Illustrated by @Origami-Orange & @RH3XY

Their physique can vary between Valkte body types, including height, body mass and shape - there is no perfect or one true shape. Their physique can depend on their profession as well as their hobbies. But the Valkte are not deluded on how they should or shouldn’t look - evolving past their physical appearances and finding friendship, love and attraction in all and any.



Because their bodies especially their tails and necks are covered in frosted thick fur - they generally don't fare well in hot weather but thrive in their frozen natural habitat. Given their certain parts of their anatomy are naturally cold too due to their shared existence with the Crysallis - they're durable in icy weather and harsh winds.

There are iced over waters in the Dragon Teeth Mountains that Valkte use as a source of water and fish - whilst a Valkte's frosted fur is not waterproof - their cold anatomy would help withstand the freezing temperatures of the water.



The Valkte, once they’ve found a mate for life, they take part in a personal ritual called the Blood share. As it’s named, they bite into their own flesh, usually their wrist, and allows their partner to taste their flesh and partake of their blood - making them apart of each other.

During this process, the Valkte are able to see each other’s past and present and also get a glimpse of their future with each other - so nothing is hidden between them - they are exposed to each other and accept them for who they are.



The Valkte have certain sensitive areas that can cause both arousal and calming sensations within them.

  • Inside of their mouths
  • Their tails are especially sensitive when stroked or tugged gently.
  • The outer shell of their ears relaxes them almost immediately.
  • The Crysallis shards on their shoulders and forehead, when licked can send exotic sensations through their bodies.
  • Pads of their feet.



Their Tail habits can be determined by their emotions:

  • Happy/Entertained/aroused/excited: Tails swish side to side in a more rapid speed.
  • Disappointed/Sad/Upset: Their tails become still, the tip drooping low towards their feet.
  • Angry/Furious: Their Tails tend to curl high in a dominant and aggressive posture.
  • Scared/Anxious: Their tails tend to curl inward between their legs.



The inside of the Valkte’s mouths are also coated in a soft frost making their tongue and saliva cool to the touch - but not uncomfortably cold. (Nor is it like licking a lampost in winter - meaning your tongue WON’T stick to their exposed frost flesh).



Valkte show gestures of love with their partners with the following actions:

  • Licking their forehead Crysallis Shards
  • Entwining their long tails
  • Licking their cheek
  • Nibbling the shell of their ears
  • Biting their shoulder softly
  • Rolling their noses together



The Female genitalia is ice blue matching the colour of the Crysallis, their walls are also cool because of the natural soft frost but not uncomfortably cold - once penetrated their walls swell when close to climaxing or aroused. They can also sense when the penetrator is about to climax and clings to the subject - the vibrating increasing to elongate the partner’s climax. The flesh of their genitalia is soft and flexible.
At the top of their entrance, they have a larger node filled with nerves and swells upon arousal or close to climax.

In their Bloodlust form - their genitalia are hidden by a loincloth of fur.


The Male genitalia is concealed within a sheath of furred skin - only protruding when hardening. Because their genitalia is concealed inside them - when it protrudes, it’s self-lubricated - making penetration seamless and frictionless. Their shaft has knots at the base, which when close to climaxing, swell with seed locking inside the penetrator until they’re empty and decreased in size.

Their appendages are coated with a soft frost making their shaft and seed cool to the touch but not uncomfortably cold. The flesh of their genitalia is soft and flexible.

In their Bloodlust form - their genitalia are hidden by a loincloth of fur.


Hermaphrodites have both Male and Female genitalia, some have a more feminine figure including breasts, whilst others have a more masculine physique. But no matter the body type, they both have a sheath and testicles at the front and a vaginal opening at the apex of their sack and anal entrance. Their genitalia has the same properties as the Female and Male genitalia listed above.

In their Bloodlust form - their genitalia are hidden by a loincloth of fur.



Usually, because of the Valkte’s Horns and shards on their shoulders, they tend to sleep on their front or sat up with the backs of their heads propped up on pillows to avoid their horns on their heads from colliding with anything. This goes for when they sleep alone or with others.




  • Colour and Pattern of their fur
  • Colour of their eyes
  • Length and colour of the fur on their heads
  • Colour of their noses
  • Length of fur around their necks


  • Colour and shape of their genitalia
  • Colour of their horns/shards (Unless they’re a Crimson Stalker)
  • Colour of their claws
  • Insides of their ears and mouths
  • Colour of the pads of their paws



All genders are treated equally among the Valkte - however, because of their past and their appetites they are not normally easy to trust other races. Though over time this has changed - their city Drista has become a post for trading and a waypoint for those wanting to travel through the Dragon Teeth Mountain pass.

It’s not unknown for Valkte to mate or choose lovers within other races - though you can find them rather closed off about themselves.

However, Valkte, once their trust has been gained are incredibly passionate and loving. Their fur and flesh maybe cold - but their hearts are warm. There is no ideal gender or sex within the Valkte, they’re open-minded and enjoy the presence of friends and lovers.

They are incredibly loyal to those they choose to protect, treat them as you would be treated and you will find an eternal friendship and lover in them.

When a Valkte mates with another race of warm blood, they tend to find the experience almost addictive, they will find it hard to resist or even prolong their climax because it literally feels like they’re melting during the process of intercourse with a warm-blooded partner.


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