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Kamina Dialect

The Kamina dialect is elegant and exotic - their voices are soft and lulling, making them one of the most desired race of Aultora.

The wording below is just a few examples of their language and how to pronounce some of the more popular phrases and words. 


Hello - Lani (Lah-nee)

Welcome - Laniha (Lah-nee-ha)

Farewell - Hana (Ha-nah)

Morning - Estya (Et-see-ya)

Afternoon - Noka (No-kah)

Night - Minioh (Min-aye-o)

Romantic Gestures

I Love you - Ha Adoran Ra
(Hah A-door-rarn Rah)

I want you - Ha Milina Ra
(Hah Min-ee-nah Rah)

Be mine - Sia Haruna
(S-aye Har-oo-nah)

Soulmate - Otorana (Or-tora-nah)

Love - Adora (A-door-rah)

Heart - Kinye (Keen-eye)

Terms of Endearment

Desired one - Itzina Han
(It-zee-nah Harn)

My Love - Har Adoran (Har A-door-rarn)

Dearest - Ikitna (Ee-kite-nar)

My Heart - Har Kinye (Har Keen-eye)

Soul One - Otora Han (Or-tora Harn)

Mate - Mizika (Me-zee-kah)


Beautiful - Ursana (Er-san-nah)

Magical/Magic - Tritzina (Trit-zin-ah)

Disgusting - Nai (N-aye)

Idiot - Bani (Barn-eye)

Serious - Rutin (Roo-tin)

Dominant - Minixa (Min-ix-ah)

Submissive - Sinio (Sin-aye-oh)

Soft - Sophna (Sof-nah)

Warm - Onyi (Oon-eye)

Hot - Ayka (Eye-kah)

Cold - Orst (Oor-st)

Sweet - Phina (Phee-nah)


Blue - Tinya (Tee-nyah)

Red - Oko (Oo-koh)

Purple - Sol’era (Sol-ee-rah)

Pink - Nikia (Nee-k-aye)

Orange - Ollona (Oo-loh-nah)

Yellow - Meena (Mee-nah)

Green - Siau (Sigh-you)

Black - Kineh (Ki-neh)

White - Wiena (Why-ee-nah)

Silver - Phwena (Ff-weh-nah)



Tempests Ass!

Wyvins Take me!

Ayla’s Tits!

Embrace Take you!

Other Words

Moon - Zetua (Zet-oo-ah)

Sun - Evanna (Ev-arn-nah)

Stars - Hynaz (Hi-narz)

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