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The Kamina are known for their magnificent ceremonies, parties and other gatherings - just one more part of their culture that makes them unique in Aultora. One of the many ceremonies they hold is called Hadeon's Promise, a celebration of love and life and are open to the public.

The Kamina don’t believe in the ‘perfect love’, they fall in love easily and with any who touches their spirit - should two, three or more wish to celebrate their love in Saphina, they can do so with a Hadeon's Promise Ceremony.

Any race of Aultora is welcome to take part in this ceremony, which is held in the Temple of Ayla and performed by a ‘Luna Saint’ who are the Matriarch’s Ladies-in-waiting. They hold the word of the Matriarch and seal the promise of lovers who enter the Temple, binding them to each other.

The Ritual consists of the lovers entering together, adorned with Golden flowers, robes of purple, roots of an Ancient tree and moon and sun emblems - these aspects symbolise their freedom from the Ancients, the love of their Goddess, the guidance from the Guardians and the Matriarchs blessing.

When they reach the altar, they are adorned with a purple silk ribbon that is wrapped around their wrists and laced with their fingers loosely linking the lovers together, the purple ribbon symbolises the unity within Aultora. The Luna Saints chant from a scroll that’s treasured in the Saphina Archives…

Free to breathe, to survive, to love, to treasure.
We are children of our lands, and we are grounded together.
Our hearts beat as one, for now, forever, for eternity.
Promises are empty compared to the truth of our diversity.

The lovers repeat the words as they are handed a pink lantern to symbolise Ayla’s love and release it once they leave the temple - the ribbon is cut into the number of pieces needed so that each lover has a cutting. Each lover can wear the ribbon how they want, around their wrist, finger, in the hair around their neck etc. Wearing the purple ribbon symbolises their bond to another - it is a recognised symbol within Aultora.

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