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Anatomy & Nature

Written and Illustrated by @Origami-Orange & @RH3XY

The Rawkken have certain anatomical attributes that are unique to their kind aside from their Ethereal horns. Such as; Males have two long tendril-like whiskers that expand from their muzzle by their nose, and on their genitalia.



The nodes of these tendrils connect to their partner's or their skin during the Harmony Ritual to bring pleasure and connect with their Partner’s Oryalis Realm. The nodes on their genitalia tendrils can send small vibrating tones from the nodes to elevate an intimate experience.

They also have two different species types called Eldens and Fauns, the Eldens are usually larger and have a stronger build, whilst the Fauns are smaller and fluffier.

Their physique can vary between Rawkken body types, including height, body mass and shape - there is no perfect or one true shape. Their physique can depend on their profession as well as their hobbies. But the Rawkken are not deluded on how they should or shouldn’t look - evolving past their physical appearances and finding friendship, love and attraction in all and any.

Rawkken also only have two fingers and a thumb.



When a Rawkken finds a mate, they celebrate their union through a consummation ritual called Harmony, during which their spirits entwine and from this moment are able to delve into each other’s Oryalis territory. For the Rawkken, this is both a moment of pleasure, trust and excitement; when visiting each other’s Oryalis Realm, they can delve into each other’s Chronicles.

If a Quartz and a Rawkken with the Ancestor’s blessing, Gold, Ruby etc mate, then neither partners can enter each other’s Oryalis during consummation - the Quartz would have to be blessed by the Ancestors tree in order to initiate the Harmony Ritual with their partner.

Sometimes arranged marriages are formed in order to expand a family's knowledge through their union. This benefits families that want to improve their standing in the Jaded city, and those who wish to expand their Chronicles further by accessing another Oryalis territory.

However, during or after their union should either one of the partners misuse the knowledge from their partners Chronicles, or mistreat the spirits in their visiting territories, both partners will be banished by the spirits from the Oryalis, their horns turned black and sent away from the Jaded City.



The Rawkken have certain sensitive areas that can cause both arousal and calming sensations within them.

  • The ends of their tendrils
  • Their tails are especially sensitive when stroked along the underside.
  • The outer shell and fur of their ears when stroked relaxes them almost immediately.
  • Their crest being stroked softly relaxes them.
  • They find kissing each other's wrists both comforting and intimate.



Their Tail habits can be determined by their emotions:

  • Happy/Entertained/aroused/excited: Tails swish side to side in a more rapid speed.
  • Disappointed/Sad/Upset: Their tails become still, the tip drooping low towards their feet.
  • Angry/Furious: Their Tails tend to curl high in a dominant and aggressive posture.
  • Scared/Anxious: Their tails tend to curl inward between their legs.

Their tails are partially prehensile - able to anchor their body to dangle from a branch or beam, or as an aid for climbing. However, this is more of a Faun trait considering their size, Elden's are a little too tall and heavy to be able to balance their body weight via their tails.



The male or male-herms are the only Rawkken with Tendrils, these tendrils are used during the Harmony mating ritual to relax and tantalise their partner by touching their skin with the nodes at the end that give off soft vibrations. 



Rawkken show gestures of love with their partners with the following actions:

  • Restings their crests together
  • Entwining their long tails
  • Kissing their partners wrists
  • Nibbling the shell of their ears
  • Biting their shoulder softly
  • pressing their palms to their partners

Eldens & Fauns


There are two different species of Rawkken, both of which have certain anatomical differences between them, they are, Eldens and Fauns. The Fauns are shorter and fluffier, their eyes are all colour, unlike the Eldens, and have shorter horns and fringes. They also have secondary horns on their foreheads.

The Eldens eyes have dark pupils and sclera, the males also have tendril-like whiskers on their muzzle and on the top base of their genitalia. They also have large hard scales along the top of their tails.

The female Eldens have fans at the ends of their tails which stay open - they also have fluffier ears and their fringe is separated into two on either side of their foreheads.

Elden and Fauns don’t have any ability or attribute differences, only anatomical.






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