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A Rawkken travelling across Aultora finds himself in the strangest of places, the most bewildering things and creatures. After stumbling upon his companion, Anthar; he continues to scribble all that he sees and experiences down in his journal.

Occasionally, pages can be found around Aultora that may have slipped from his hide sketchbook. 

Discover pieces of Aultora's lore through Flint's eyes, characters he's met, places he's been and strange things he's unearthed. 

Click the page to get a closer look and the '+' next 'Read Notes' to read what Flint's scribbled on the page. 


Forbidden Fruit

I found myself on the edges of an unending forest just south of the Maroon Bog, when I walked deeper into the woods I came across a strange fruit.

I plucked one to take a closer look, and I swear I heard someone scream but it didn't sound like pain.

As soon as I plucked one, another grew back instantly.

The prickly shell was soft and warm.

The fruit throbbed like a heart when still on the vine.

The flesh glittered like stars.

The inside looked like crystals.

A spiky fruit that smelt heavenly almost too alluring it had to be poisonous.

The thorns on the dark vines glowed.

I wonder if Anthar knows what this is.



I remember when I first saw him I was terrified but more time I spend with him the softer he seems.

His hands are so large compared to mine.

He purrs when he sleeps.

friend partner family mate?

Sometimes I catch him speaking a language I have never heard before usually when he has done something wrong.

Anthar seems to enjoy sleeping a lot I wonder if it is because of his size?

His skin is so warm and seems to relax more when he has contact with me.

"Stop looking over my shoulder Anthar!"

He does not seem to mind me touching or getting close to him, part of that both scares and encourages me.


Forgotten Cave

Anthar took me to a cave on an island just south of the Highlands; he was silent on the way until we reached the beautiful cave then he started to tell me the story of his parents.

I helped him string flowers from the cave walls into reefs.

The Flowers were beautiful.

Anthar said he came to do this every year.

He must have loved them very much

"Those who have been forgotten - will return to be remembered."

The writing on the wall was in Dralic.

He burnt incense and we sat there before a ring of stone in silence for a while.

He gave me the amulet his mother once wore.

He wears his fathers.


Strange Rune Stone

In the Highlands Anthar and I came across an ancient Kamina ruin, after looking around we were just about to leave when a heard a soft thud and the sound of large wings twisting the wind.

When I looked around I saw a set of large prints bigger then Anthar's.

They led to a smooth stone engraved with a glowing rune laying in the grass, it wasn't weathered or buried it looked like it had just been dropped.

The back of the stone had Kamina symbols engraved which read 'Find me, my love'.

I looked up and I swear I saw something large flying off into the distance.


Girl In The Mirror

On my travels, I came across what looked like a mirror embedded in the bark of a tree it reminded me of a mirror I had seen before in one of Scias's sketches.

When I got closer to it I could hear a woman singing and then suddenly a handprint appeared on the mirror in the tree.

The song was so soothing but I do not think it was meant for me.

The Mirror I saw in Scias's sketch had a shard missing maybe this is the missing shard.

I tried to speak to whoever was in the mirror shard but it did not seem like they could hear me and the handprint vanished suddenly.

The words around the handprint were ancient but resembled Kamina could this be a broken Shade Rift?

"Frozen time in darkness twine end it all let life be mine."



Recently I've been having these nightmares, a creature of darkness.

He talks about corruption and control

I do not want to fall asleep again...

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