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Known for their proud demeanour and strong physique, Dralic are creatures of elemental energy. They believe solely in the combination of the mind, body and spirit - entwining with the energies that embody the natural elements of their world.



A mystical race of canines that have a dark history and an ancient curse. Their bodies are embedded with ice-like shards of crystal, known as Crysallis; granting them certain abilities - such as controlling and manipulating the snow, ice and wind.



Known for their conjuring, enchanting and other such divine abilities; Kamina are an all-female race of humanoids. Having been around since the ‘Age of The Ancients’, the Kamina have been beloved for their erotic physique, their mystic nature and their vast magical abilities.



Opal Gardens is one of Aultora’s Seven realms and is home to the Rawkken who inhabit the capital called, The Jaded City. Rawkken are a race of spiritual draconic beings known for their harmony and connection with the Spirit World which they call; The Oryalis.



Voma are a race of naga-like creatures that are considered malicious, greedy and shameless due to their history in Aultora and relationships with the neighbouring realms, particularly the Rawkken. Though looked upon as ‘Serpents of the Abyss’, they are also renowned for their lust for pleasure, luxury and knowledge of longevity. 

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