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Voma are a race of naga-like creatures that are considered malicious, greedy and shameless due to their history in Aultora and relationships with the neighbouring realms, particularly the Rawkken. 


Sunken Isles

  • The capital of the Voma’s Sunken Isles is a small but glorious city to behold, dazzled with the finery they crave, it’s lush with crystal clear waters, and a popular plant known as ‘Vita’dew’ also known as ‘Life Dew’. A large flush purple and green plant that has many health properties, and is mainly used in healing products. 

  • The Isles in which the Voma dwell after being run out of the Opal Gardens.

  • When the Voma retreated to the islands, the Seer Stone washed away into the Virgo Tides, but was recovered and hangs in the city's ‘Crystal Palace’.

Though looked upon as ‘Serpents of the Abyss’, they are also renowned for their lust for pleasure, luxury and knowledge of longevity. Their previous God, Virgo - was said to be the creator and ruler of the afterlife, known to the Voma as the Oryalis - the same term the Rawkken use for the world where the souls and spirits dwell.

A darker side of the Voma can be found in their rumoured black market known as the Ethereal Emporium. Where exotic wears, illegal objects and substances of mystery and even lives are sold from merchants around Aultora.

Their prized possession is the Seer Stone, rescued from the depths of Vigor’s Tides, it hangs in the Sovereign’s Temple where the public of their city Magenta can gaze upon its swirling beauty. Magenta City is the Capital of their Realm, The Sunken Isles.



There are many kinds of Voma, each with their own unique qualities, their scale colours are known to be vibrant and beautiful, and their size towers over most of Aultora’s races even when coiled, their form is thought to be both terrifying and alluring to many.

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