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Oblivion is making its move on Aultora - led by a creature of Ancient creation and fought against at every corner by his blood brother. 

The pool of Oblivion Source opens up and twists into a large form of swirling dark matter, something that resembles an Ancient… but different from the murals recognised on the Aloha ruins. 

“I am Nazra - a descendant of the ones you call The Ancients, and soon to be the new ruler of Aultora.” His voice low, filled with dark vibrations that made your very soul tremble. 

“Join me - and you will be more than slaves to your weak forms, and become the giants you were always meant to be.”

Like something from a nightmare a monstrous hand; strong enough to tear a tree from its roots - rests gently against your chest - the palm glowering with a powerful hue. You watch in fascination and terror as your Hewa marking distorts on your skin - the crystal embedded in your flesh starts to softly hum as it takes on a new shape. 

An exhilarating surge shoots through your very core. Power? Source? Purpose…

“Rise with me, and become Oblivion’s Void Walkers of a new Aultora.” 

Just as he appeared - his form melted away like a statue of ice - his remains sliding back into the pool of darkness leaving only the desire to follow. 

Rumbles and murmurs have spread across the Mo’anha islands, as Hewa Cultists have been seen retreating deeper into the Aloha Ruins. Even more worrying is the increased numbers of Elders guarding the island’s shores - less and less Dralic are even allowed on the isthmus connecting the other islands Aloha. 

The Dralic are on edge as dark bitterness tempers the air - in times like this, they turn to the Guardians, who have been keeping a watchful eye on the shores of their people - feeling the shift in Aultora's air and twists in its paths. 


The Hewa have received a calling - will you join Nazra in his path to dominating Aultora?

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