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The Dralic of The Ola Islands, are referred to as the Olha - known for the love of their islands and the rich soil that grows the rarest and potent plant-life out of all the Mo’anha islands.


Their lands are small and separated by the Ahi territory but are greatly established for their alchemists, healers, and hunters; using their abilities to heal, and help the wilderness grow.

Because of the vast vegetation on the Ola Islands - their lands are inhabited by plenty of creatures to hunt as food, or train as familiars. They have certain characteristics for both male and female, which are a colourful green moss that grows along their crests and horns. Their claws and tails are slightly elongated compared to most Dralics to help them climb the large trees that make up their expansive rainforests. And certain areas of their anatomy are green, such are the inside of their mouths, claws, fins and genitalia. 


The Olha’s abilities derive from their connection to all life; vegetation, animals and mortals - their life energies and power. Whilst they can’t create life out of thin air (save for breeding), they can guide and nurture for useful purposes.


Healers, use their abilities to help the body or vegetation heal. Not through a magical touch - but using certain herbs and their connection to the life energy to rapidly speed up the healing process. This could be to heal a wound - guide poison out of the body or help a plant grow from seed to sapling.


Protectors, guard the forests of the Ola Island. Protecting the creatures from outside hunters and the trees from natural fires or dangers outside of the forest’s control. Helping animals in need, injured, giving birth or abandoned.


Botanists, use their elemental connection to study plant life in particular. How they evolve, their anatomy and development - using what they learn to help understand the properties of the plants and their uses.


Alchemists, use their element ability to combine plant lives and create medicines, ointments, elixirs and other treatments for healers. They can sense a single ‘Flutterby’ flower (a flower that’s a basic compound for healing elixirs) from miles away, just from its scent alone.


Hunters, are a respected class of the Olha clan - they don’t hunt for fun or for leisure, they hunt for food or to protect the village from larger creatures. They don’t believe in taking more than they deserve, each creature they kill for either food or protection, they perform a brief ritual. Kneeling beside the creature they’ve killed and chanting their thanks for their flesh or wishing them rest from their suffering.

Most Hunters use bows and spears - preferring to kill the animal in one shot rather than elongating their pain. Because of their training - they can hear the heartbeat of a small creature from miles away and know just where to strike.


Familiars trained their connection to life - in order to relate, connect and communicate with the creatures of their islands. Forming this bond with a creature allows them to both assist the Familiar and build a peaceful balance between the creatures on the Island and the Dralic that inhabit the land with them.


The tools they use in their daily life; are made from tough tree bark and wood - sharp stones and crystals with special properties. They also use the tree canopies for shelter and housing and furs from the creatures the hunters bring, for bedding and warmth. Whilst they do what they can with the resources they have, boats of supplies from all other clans provide them with other necessities - fish, metalwork, water, bone, crystals and stone. Just as they supply their neighbouring clans with supplies such as wood, hides, furs, herbs, healing elixirs etc.

The Olha also rely on the island's habitat for other simple necessities - such as; Emberlicks (A type of glowing insect) provide light, fruits and vegetation for food, rainwater that trickles through the tree canopies for sustenance.


The Dralic of the Olha clan - have a simple and peaceful outlook on life. They believe in treasuring the gifts their Islands provide them, not taking advantage and not taking more than they need. They respect the ground they walk on, the creatures they hunt and plants they eat.

The Olha believe that all life has a purpose and every creature and plant have their own personalities. Plants can grow how they wish, and animals can behave how they want - nothing is taught, unlike how younglings are brought up. To them, life is freedom and respecting all life around them is the only way to create peace and harmony.

They love gently but passionately and whether you’re a mate or a friend, they will protect you with their life and treasure you like the most valuable person in the universe. Their connection to life allows them to empathise with each other’s pain, pleasure and other emotions - making their connection with their friends, family and lovers that much more soulful.

Their kind of fun would be to play with the familiar creatures, vine-swinging through the forests or watching the Lilirays (A type of slow flying creature that glows at night) fly around gracefully in the tree canopies.


The Olha have plenty of fun activities they enjoy - however, one of their favourites is ‘Hide and Seek’.

When one Dralic hide as far and wide as they please - another uses their abilities to seek them out. This both hones their connection and creates a fun activity.

Among other activities, they also enjoy tree climbing, carving and playing with their familiar creatures.

The Younglings enjoy similar activities including ‘vine-swinging’ and ‘Veetal catching’ (Veetal is a type of colourful insect that can camouflage against their environment).

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