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The Dralic of The Wai Islands, are referred to as the Ka’Wai - known for keeping to old traditions; living by the way of the ancients and finding peace in a simple life.


Their islands are thin and small; surrounded by deeper waters making Ka’Wai a small quint clan - using their abilities mostly for fishing, aqua-dancing/entertaining, surfers and reading the ocean waves when navigating ships across the sea.

Whilst all Dralic’s have aquatic features such as gills and finned tails, the Ka’Wai tend to have slightly elongated fins and certain characteristics for both male and female are coloured a sea blue. Warriors of the Wai Islands defend the small community from large sea creatures that tread the deep shores.


The Ka’wai’s abilities derive from their connection to water - its energy and power. Whilst they can’t create water out of thin air, they can guide and use their connection with it for useful purposes.


Navigators, use their abilities to read the seas - allowing the water to roll over their skin, feeling the currents to guide them to their destination. Something as simple as a small creature writhing in the sea bed or footsteps on a distant island; can be felt through their skin.


Protectors, that guard the shores of the Kai’Wai island, walk along the shoreline - keeping their feet in the water. As the waves softly envelop their feet, a Protector can sense a boat or large creatures heading towards their island from miles away, alerting their clan of a threat.


Fishers, use their elemental connection; to sense schools of fish, when they’re coming close to the reef - knowing exactly where to cast their nets. They can even sense the behaviour of sea creatures, understanding from their movement when a storm might be approaching or when it’s best to go out on the reef.


Divers, use their element ability to sense rare minerals, corals and stones that can be found in the coral drops that surround their island; diving to unimaginable depths to collect what precious resources they can.


Hunters, are some of the bravest Dralics, honing their talents to hunt for large prey in the deep seas that surround their island. Hunting these creatures to protect the clan and their fishing boats - the kill is never wasted; they’ll use the meat to feed their people and the hides & bones for tools, clothing, and tents. 


Aqua Dancers, are favourable entertainers on the Wai islands. They dance on the reef surface - their tails allow them to propel themselves from the water and flip up into the air. They also use a type of glowing coral to create shapes in the skies as they move under the water and dance above it.


The tools they use in their daily life; are made from tough coral, stone, bone or hard minerals they harvest on their coral drops. They also use hide from any large sea creatures the hunters bring for their tents and bedding. Whilst they do what they can with the resources they have, boats of supplies from all other clans aid them with other necessities - herbs, metalwork, hide, furs, wood. Just as they supply their neighbouring clans with supplies such as fish, minerals, water etc.

The Ka’wai also rely on using their water source to power some of their simple mechanisms - such as; creating a mote that allows water to push mills, water plants and keep food cool.


The Dralic of the Ka’wai clan - have a simple and peaceful outlook on life. They believe in treasuring the gifts their Island provides them, not taking advantage and not taking more than they need. They respect the ground they walk on, the fish they eat, the creatures they hunt and the water they drink.

The Ka’wai don’t focus on how to make life easier or better - they’re content with what they have, finding comfort and entertainment in each other and finding serenity among the cool waves of their sapphire oceans.

They love gently but passionately and whether you’re a mate or a friend, they will protect you with their life and treasure you like the most valuable person in the universe.

They know how to have fun - dancing to their heart’s content under the stars and in the water - surfing the largest waves and diving to the deepest drops of their coral reefs.


The Ka’wai have plenty of fun activities they enjoy - however, one of their favourites is ‘Swimming the Wall’.

When waves get to a massive height, the Dralic call this ‘The Wall’ - diving into the stretching wave and swimming along the length until the wall curls in on itself creating a tunnel, tumbling you back into the ocean.

Among other activities, they also enjoy Surf-Racing, Spire Dodging, and Salk Riding.

The younglings prefer to make sand-caves, go skeel-fishing in rock pools and race critters on the beach.

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