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The Dralic of The Hona Islands, are referred to as the Honua - known for their large clans and tall buildings - their lands are larger than any other clan island of Mo’anha.


The Honua are known for building large temples and buildings from the thick clay and stone; even bending earthen metals and minerals to their will through their elemental connection with the earth.

Because of their vast lands - they have the largest population, established for their architects and builders; which created the network of tunnels that connect the Mo’anha islands. Besides certain characteristics coloured an earthy red - they’re born blind and learn from birth to design, build, forge and live through sound and touch alone.


The Honua’s abilities derive from their connection to the earth, ground and it’s precious stones. Whilst they can’t create earth or move it at will, they can guide and mould earth and earthen materials for useful purposes.


Builders, use their abilities to build structures for both recreational uses and living huts. Honing their talents, they can make the ground strong and sturdy using just the earth and rocks that make up their islands.


Architects are the minds behind the design of their wide range of structures that make up their village - they use their abilities to understand the types of rock and sod that can be used for the best purposes.


Crystal Forgers, these Honua use their connection with the precious crystals that grow on their island - to forge weapons and tools for their people. With the help of their hammers and anvils, they don't require heat to forge the crystal, a few simple hits and they can guide a piece of raw crystal into a sharp and sturdy blade.


Defenders, train their connection with the land to sense everything through their feet. They defend the borders of their island, by being able to sense anything from miles away that lands on their shores. Being born blind doesn’t mean they can’t see - they can sense everything through their connection to the ground. Whilst the defenders do use weapons - they prefer to use the art of Kilah - a type of self-defence that relies solely on connecting their body to the ground they walk on.


Miners are able to sense precious crystals and minerals in the ground and know exactly where to mine for what they need.


Cartographers, use their ability to create maps of the islands, knowing the locations of volatile areas, hunting grounds etc. Because they train their ability to connect to the ground and atmosphere on a deeper level, they can even sense matter far and wide outside of their planet's atmosphere, mapping out the stars through meditation.


The tools they use in their daily life; are made from strong stone and crystals with special properties. Their islands are populated with mountains and caves, swarming with creatures big and small, some of which they rely on to help move and flatten earth. For example, the ‘Rekkon’ is the largest creature on the Hona islands, they’re covered in flat tough scales and curl into a ball; when they roll around they flatten the earth in their wake. They rely on the resources from their neighbouring islands to supply with anything else they need, such as; fish, herbs, sand, wood, metals, furs etc. Just as they supply their neighbouring clans with supplies such as; clay, crystals, stone and hides.

The Honua don’t require a source of light given they’re born blind - however, they expose crystals in the walls of their homes in order for visitors from their neighbouring islands to navigate around. Most of their habitats, building and huts are underground.


The Dralic of the Honua clan are a stoic race of Dralic. They can endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining - being born blind can sometimes be trying, but they don’t let it affect them. They respect the land they walk on - because, without it, they wouldn’t be able to see their friends, family or lovers.

They believe in hard work and dedication, that earth is immovable unless you respect it. On top of being impassive, this doesn’t mean they’re not completely unresponsive to something that might normally excite interest or emotion.

They love passionately and can be both dominant and submissive when it comes to their mates and friends. They believe actions speak louder than words - and being blind they pay closer attention to detail with those they hold most dear. The Honua are protective and their actions can be endearing depending on your connection with them.


The younglings of the Honua clan are usually the only ones that enjoy fun activities such as; ‘Dodging Rekkon’, ‘Riding Dajan’ among other things like exploring caves and finding unusual crystals.

However, the adults do enjoy meditation, mud-baths and relaxing in hot springs.

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