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The Dralic of The Ahi Islands, are referred to as the Aciha - known for harvesting the rich metals buried within their lands; creating metallic contraptions that run on steam and heat.


Their islands are intensely hot and dotted with active volcanoes they harness for their largest blacksmiths. The Aciha are able to manipulate fires and heat usually used in the large forges within the volcanoes that make up most of their larger island.

Established for their metal-workers, warriors, and Engineers - their features are stained with fiery colours and are adorned with hardened plates along their skin and the top of their head; protecting them from the sheer heat. Warriors are trained to protect the Mo’anha islands from invaders and creatures; wielding the very weapons forged by their brethren.


The Aciha’s abilities derive from their connection to fire and heat. Whilst they can’t create fire out of thin air, they can guide and manipulate fire and heat for useful purposes.


Metal Workers, use their abilities to forge metals into armour, weapons, and other necessities. Their forges are based along the lava streams of their volcanoes - using the heat from the very source and manipulating it through hammers and anvils to forge the best and strongest metal works known.


Engineers are the brightest and intuitive of the Aciha. Because of their rich resources in metal works, they discovered ways in which to use their metals and heat to create mechanisms that help in their daily lives. Engineers create new ideas on how to harness heat and use it to improve their lifestyle; such as steam mechanics etc.


Cooks, use their elemental connection; to cook the most extravagant gourmet dishes. They cook mostly meat on large slabs of Volcanic rock, burning with the lava that runs beneath them. Manipulating the heat in the meat to extract the best taste - having a meal on the Ahi islands is an experience you wouldn’t forget.



Warriors, are the foundation of their clan - using the very weapons and tools their brethren forged to protect the Mo’anha islands from invaders, large creatures and control the flow of lava with heat-resistant shields forged with the crystals, to avoid and protect their villages on the Ahi islands.


Glass Forgers use heat to mould and form glass by melting the sand from the Wai islands. They use the glass to create everyday necessities such as bottles, glasses and more leisurely items like jewellery.

They use the heat of the forge to mould the glass, but more importantly, heating their breath when blowing the glass.


Miners trained their connection to sense precious metals in the ground - using the veins of lava that run through the land. Their skin is so tough and heat resistant that they can stand just over a minute in fire and lava without burning themselves. The Miners place their hands against the hot rock or in thin lava veins to sense the metals in the ground mapping out exactly where they need to mine next.


The tools they use in their daily life; are made from tough metals they harvest and strong stone and crystals with special properties. Their islands don’t have many animals - so they rely on the resources from their neighbouring islands to supply what they need, such as; fish, meat, herbs, sand, wood, hides and furs etc. Just as they supply their neighbouring clans with supplies such as; metals, stone and crystals.

The Aciha also rely on using the lava as a source of light and the metal to create large buildings and homes for their people to protect them from the lava veins if they overflow.


The Dralic of the Aciha clan - always desire more, they believe that life can always be improved. Whilst they respect their land and the gifts it provides, turning them into something useful and innovative is their purpose and the Aciha’s strength only grows because of their connection to a strong element.

They believe in being the strongest, being as sharp as a blade, as tough as a hammer and as protective as a shield. On top of being hot-headed and firey by nature, they do live in harmony with the other clans and enjoy life to the fullest.

They love passionately and are mostly dominate when it comes to their mates and friends - they will protect you with all their might and treasure you like the most valuable person in the universe. Whilst they dwell on a hot island - their skin stays cool on the outside - but their mouths and breath can be quite fiery.

Their kind of fun is creating deep music they can dance to - they’re quite musical when playing the metallic instruments they forge. Their dance moves are intimate and dark - as is their sexual appetite...


The Aciha have plenty of fun activities they enjoy - however, one of their favourites is ‘fire-breathing’.

Their ability to endure high temperatures is both external and internal. Entertainers consume lava before spitting it out in a stream as if breathing fire.

Among other activities, they also enjoy sparring, Lava-Surfing and racing.

The Younglings enjoy similar activities including ‘Lava-Hoping’ and ‘Charcoal sketching’.

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