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Their physique can vary between Dralic body types, including height, body mass and shape - there is no perfect or one true shape.


The Dralic have certain sensitive areas that can cause both arousal and calming sensations within them.

  • The underside of their tail (Stroking from base to tip)
  • Their gills (Brushing downwards)
  • Their Fins, both on their heads and tails.
  • The underside of their hip fins.
  • The arch of their feet
  • Under their jaw and along their scaled neck
  • Brushing and gently tugging their fur/mane

Females/Female Herms Only:

  • The curve of their calves (Only females have curved fins on their calves.)


When Dralic have found a mate which they want to spend their life with - during sexual intimacy, just as both the male and female climax - they slam their jaws down on the Mate’s junction between their shoulder and neck, hard enough to draw blood. Marking their Mate as theirs - this is the same for both sides of the relationship - their teeth leaving a unique mark in their flesh.

This act also leaves a distinct scent that is unique to each Dralic - so other Dralic know who has claimed them for their own.

The act is made during a passionate moment of mating, whilst rough at first, it gently winds down to gentle licking and kissing to soothe the pain and stop the bleeding. During this act, the Dralic’s eyes generally glow vibrantly and their pupils dilate once their Mate’s blood touches their tongues.


Their Tail habits can be determined by their emotions:

Happy/Entertained: Tails swish side to side in a more rapid speed.

Aroused/Excited: Tails slam up and down hard on the ground or in the air/water.

Disappointed/Sad/Upset: Their tails become still, the tip drooping low towards their feet.

Angry/Furious: Their Tails tend to curl high in a dominant and aggressive posture.

Scared/Anxious: Their tails tend to curl inward between their legs.


Dralic tend to sleep either on their sides or their front - to avoid crushing their fins on the backs of their heads. Though depending on the shape of their horns, they also prefer to sleep sitting up with a pillow supporting their heads.

This goes for when they’re sleeping with others or on their own.


Their physique can vary between Dralic body types, including height, body mass and shape - there is no perfect or one true shape. Their physique can depend on their profession as well as their hobbies. But the Dralic are not deluded on how they should or shouldn’t look - evolving past their physical appearances and finding friendship, love and attraction in all and any.

Dralic also only have three fingers and a thumb.


Fur on the backs of Dralic's heads is common for all genders - however fur on the base of their tails is usually only present on Males and Male Herms. The fur is naturally white due to being waterproof.



The Female genitalia has small nodes of nerves that once penetrated vibrate softly and swell when close to climaxing or aroused. They can also sense when the penetrator is about to climax and clings to the subject - the vibrating increasing to elongate the partner’s climax.

At the top of their entrance, they have a larger node filled with nerves and swells along with the smaller nodes upon arousal or close to climax.


The Male genitalia, is concealed within a sheath of hardened skin - only protruding when hardening. Because their genitalia is concealed inside them - when it protrudes, it’s self-lubricated - making penetration seamless and frictionless. Their shaft has knots at the base, which when close to climaxing, swell with seed locking inside the penetrator until they’re empty and decreased in size.

The underside of their shaft is also ribbed with soft ridges which are mostly for their partners benefit - they rub against certain nerves upon penetration.


Hermaphrodites have both Male and Female genitalia, some have a more feminine figure including breasts, whilst others have a more masculine physique. But no matter the body type, they both have a sheath and testicles at the front, and a vaginal opening at the apex of their sack and anal entrance. Their genitalia have the same properties as the Female and Male genitalia listed above.


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