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Adopt a

Here you can select certain details of your adopt that you'd like creating for you. Once the artist receives your enquiry, we'll be in touch to start the process.


Character Ref sheet can be re-uploaded to adopters gallery with proper credits to me as the artist and designer.
No amends can be made and no WIPs will be provided
Adopts will be provided usually within 2 weeks, depending on workflow (Further deadline for packs with commissions).
You will receive SFW/NSFW high res and 1280px versions of the finished adopt.
GBP/Paypal only, payment is expected within 24 hours after the invoice is provided.
Paypal Payment plans are available for orders of 300 GBP and over



Adopt Price Tiers

New Arrival

80 GBP

Front, Half-back, Hand Close-up, Foot Close-up,

Child of Aultora

150 GBP

Everything from the previous pack!
PLUS: x1 lore bound weapon/object of random design, x1 Outfit


Treasured Protagonist

250 GBP

Everything from the previous pack!
PLUS: x1 more outfit, x1 more weapon/object, x1 Headshot Expression, x1 Familiar


The Guardians Favourite!

500 GBP

Everything from the previous pack!
PLUS: x2 more lore bound weapon/objects of random design, x2 more Headshot Expressions, Alt Hairstyle, Detailed shaded half-body close-up, Detailed Painted style full-body commission of Character, Animated blinking headshot of character for a profile pic.

Legendary Hero

Support Pack: 750 GBP

Everything from the previous pack!
PLUS: A pre-order of the Dralic Art & Lore book digital copy, x1 set of Legendary Lore Bound Armour, x1 Legendary Lore Bound Weapons 

This is more of a support pack should you like to support the artist/creators <3

However, you can still get the Legendary items and pre-order the Dralic Art & Lore book at the end of the form no matter which pack you go for.

As a thank you to those who purchase this pack we'd like to give you an extra 10% DISCOUNT for your next Dralic adopt!

Updating an Adopt?

10% Discount

If you're updating an existing Dralic Adopt, you'll receive a 10% discount on the following packs: 

Treasured Protagonist
The Guardians Favourite!
Legendary Hero

Legendary Boost

100 GBP

If you want some of that legendary gear without purchasing the larger pack, you can add an 'Aultora Treasure Chest' at the end of the form! Inside you'll receive the following: 

Legendary Lore Bound Weapon
Legendary Lore Bound Armour Set

Aultora Lore Book

Pre-order - 50 GBP

We were hoping to have the Dralic portion of the Aultora Lore book finished by today for you all, however, we'd like a little more time to make it extra special with lots of new bits and pieces that aren't public yet and fully proof-read (to the best of our ability).

If you'd still like a copy, you can pre-order one at the end of the form OR via the 'Legendary Hero' pack.


Dralic Body Shapes

Roll-over/tap to reveal the different shapes







Dralic Familiars

The Familiar will depend on the Clan/Cult you choose for your Dralic adopt.


Olha Clan

A large canine creature that the Dralic use as Mounts or Familiars depending on their size. They're gentle by nature and incredibly playful - they require a lot of exercise to just calm them down.


Honua Clan

Rekkon are giant creatures the Honua befriend to help them in construction. Most famously, for the tunnels underground that connect all of the Isles. 


Ka'Wai Clan

A sea creature that can breathe both above and underwater. They’re large creatures that eat smaller sea life that the Dralic of Ka’Wai find companions with. They inhabit the deep coral drops of the Wai Isles.


Aciha Clan

Magmaders are large salamanders that dwell within the veins of lava running through the Ahi Isles. The Dralic of the Aciha find companions in them and once trusted can ride their backs to cross the lava.


Hewa Cult

These creatures were created by Imperia using a technique given to her by an Obsidian named Nazra. They’re used as spies for the Hewa, sending them out to all corners of Aultora to record information, which upon returning they can repeat clearly. They're are only ever one colour, the colour of Oblivion Source and have no gender.

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